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Good question. I have a friend who is recently becoming interested in developing with Unity. I was joking around about a model I created the night before and how I was gonna make a game just because I liked the model (it's a boat by the way, pretty sick boat). Shortly afterwards I sent him a gif of the boat in a pool with some buoyance rocking it with the water. 

sick boat

 He asked how I was able to make that so quickly, now granted that wasn't very complex at all (nor is this in itself), but the ability to create things like that so quickly is definitely an appealing and inspiring aspect of modern game development. So I joked that I could probably make Flappy Birds in less than an hour. So, I grabbed some creative common models, got on a video call with him, set a google stop watch for 1 hour, and tried to recreate Flappy Birds; I call it Flapper. 

The game I'm emulating isn't that complex. You add a force upwards to an object with a button press, time it with some pipes. If you hit the floor, ceiling, or pipes it's a restart. Collect some object to get a higher score (or each pipe passed is a point?). The place doesn't move, the world around them does. 

This required a little bit of procedural generation of course, but nothing all that complex really. I've done proc gen before for an infinite tower climber game before, but it's been about 2 years? 

There was a point though where I had pretty much finished making the gameplay loop... and I thought I had only spent about 30 minutes so far and could spend the rest polishing up the game feel. Nope. I checked the timer and had 15 minutes left. How? I was kinda taken back. So by the time I had finished my last 15 minutes (a frantic rush to implement both the feather collectable and simple UI using TextMeshPro) I had the idea that this might be a good exercise?

Each month I could return to this goal. Flappy Birds in 1 hour. I had an art teacher in high school who told students to draw the same thing each day for a full year (365 drawings of 1 subject); By the end of that year people would be AMAZING at drawing that subject, but a lot of what they learned could be applied to anything and you can see a clear progression to motivate you. Do I think doing this 11 more times this year will actually give me the same results? No, most definitely not, but perhaps my rapid prototyping abilities to think of solutions on the spot will improve? Maybe? Probably not. 

Anyways, this is Month 1. You can download the January build, I will upload each one to this Itch page, so eventually there will be 12 versions of the same prompt here haha. 


Flapper - January 23 MB
Jan 29, 2021

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